Mission Statement:

The Mission of Community Baptist Church; through the power of the Holy Spirit, is to win souls to Christ though Evangelism, build them up in Christ through discipleship, and send them out for Christ through Outreach and Mission

Vision Statement:

The Vision of Community Baptist Church is to Empower people through Evangelism , Discipleship and Prayer, to build healthy families, churches and communities.

Community Baptist Church - A Historical Overview

Community Baptist Church was established in 1946 by the late Pastor Rev. W.S. Woods.  Pastor Woods served as Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Pittsburg.

The Charter Members were; Deacon E. Morrison, Deacon B. Nicholson, Mother Anna Nicholson, Deacon N. Bowie, Mother Sarah Bowie, Elnora Johnson, Amanda Pratt, Deacon W.C. Jackson and Mildred Jackson.

The church moved to 217 Messenger St. in Port Chicago, CA; however when the United States Navy purchased Port Chicago, the congregation relocated to a building located at Poinsettia and Willow Pass Road in West Pittsburg, CA (Now Bay Point) and later moved to the current location in the 1960's.

Rev. Woods appointed Rev. A. R. Prince to serve as interim pastor during the first organizational year.  From 1980 to 2000 Rev. CB Stewart served as Pastor of CBC.  CBC's pastorial leadership changed hands throughout the years and our current pastor is Rev. Ronald Dillingham.  He was called to pastor CBC in April of 2007.  Rev. Dillingham served as Associate Minister under the visionary leadership of Rev. Henry L. Perkins, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Pittsburg.